Such a nice hospital! I bring my 2 dogs there and they both absolutely love the doctor and the staff! Excellent facility that is always clean and care that is both reasonably priced and top notch.
– Shelley R.

I have been going to Dr Hamid since he opened his doors. We would never go anywhere else. He is compassionate and kind and that makes all the difference to us. His Vet Techs are also top notch. Give them a try. You will not be sorry!
– Mary S.

The doctor and staff seem genuinely interested in the care of our dog. They gave us a tour of the office and explained the equipment and how it’s used. Definitely above and beyond what I would’ve expected from a visit.
– Max C.

If I could give Dr. Hamid 10 stars I would! If you want somebody that cares about your pet as much as you do, Dr. Hamid is your guy. If you want somebody that won’t rip you off and charges REASONABLE fees then Dr. Hamid is your guy. If you want somebody that won’t prescribe unnecessary tests Dr. Hamid is your guy. But if you want somebody that is just a place to fix your pet and charge you a lot of money then Dr. Hamid is NOT your guy.
– Pamela G.

We love Dr Hamid and his staff! My dog Patrick was very sick recently doc was able to save him. He was able to diagnose a digestive disorder that was caused by a change in his food by the manufacturer. He is patient kind loving and gentle with all of the animals that come in. He has an absolutely wonderful way with the animals and the owners. Best that we’ve ever used! Give him a try whether you have a dog or a cat he and his staff are fantastic.
– Leanne B.

This place is fantastic. He was able to keep my dog calm and remove the growth the same day, for a new patient. The stitches from the removal (which was bigger than anticipated) look very good.
I would recommend this practice.
– Linda H.

Years back Dr. Hamid saved my brother’s German Shepard. He had some sort of disease we had never heard of before and my brother came home to his house full of blood and his dog very sick. He rushed him to Dr. Hamid because his office was right by his apartment. This was the biggest blessing. He worked tirelessly to help his dog, charged a minimal amount, probably one tenth of what any other vet would charge, and told him anything else that needed to be done due to that disease he would take care of for free in the future. We now all take our animals to him. He is a very compassionate, caring vet. We had another incident today where our friend’s dog got attacked by another dog on their walk. We immediately rushed him to Dr. Hamid. So thankful to have found him!
– Erica A.

Dr. Hamid is not only a great doctor but a great human being. Highly recommended place to bring your place for treatments. He is a life saver !!!
– Mary M.

Dr. Sajid and his staff are efficient at thieir work at attending to our pets needs. He is a very nice vet who knows his job well and I am confident that my beloved Meer, the Himmy boy is in safe hands. Come and visit Animal Hospital of Randall Plaza and get the quality and affordable care your pet requires. I recommend it to all.
– Samia M.